Wealth Management

What is true Wealth Management?

The professionals at Activ8 Capital Management have been actively advising high net worth families for over 25 years and have seen the wealth advisory industry evolve, change and develop to what it is today.

Activ8 believes true wealth management philosophy is based on certain non-negotiable principles:


Non-Negotiable Principles


Offering clients total and absolute transparency in terms of pricing and charge a fee that is commensurate with the level of service being offered.

Tailor-made solutions

Offer families personal and tailor-made solutions to meet unique needs and circumstances, no generic type solutions or a “one shoe fits all approach”.

best advice

Clients and their interest should always come first and the commitment should be there to provide best advice at all times.

direct to market approach

Activ8 favours a direct to market approach; thereby doing away with numerous layers of fees imposed by various levels of intermediaries and unnecessary structures.

Added Value

Only take on clients where the belief is that value can be added and where the client buys into the chosen process and philosophy.

strategy and service

Activ8 commits to a strategy and levels of service outlined in a written document that is accepted and agreed upon by both advisor and client.

Today’s modern world calls for innovative and state of the art levels of service, however traditional values and standards of quality are still required and sought after. Unfortunately, the industry in South Africa has on many occasions let clients down and failed to deliver. Activ8 will always seeks to retain the traditional values whilst applying new and innovative solutions that incorporate the full spectrum of investment options, both onshore and offshore.