Professional Advisory

What is Professional Advisory Services?

Our Wealth Management Advisory Fees would include support and assistance in respect of all the mentioned areas. Our fees for the wealth management advisory services to be provided reflect the complexity of the engagement, the regular review of your portfolio, the ongoing management and monitoring required and the experience and calibre of the team members that are required to provide the advice, both initial and ongoing.

It is our desire to be your trusted advisor in all matters pertaining to your finances and wealth.  We are therefore able to assist you in the following areas:

Financial Planning and Cash Flow Analysis

We work with you to develop a plan and strategy for your wealth and ensure that it is appropriately structured and invested to meet your desired objectives.

Retirement Planning

South Africa’s retirement saving industry is undergoing change and we assist and help to ensure that your savings vehicles and structures are up to date and effective.

Asset Allocation and Investment Strategy

We have a team of dedicated investment professionals that serve to derive and implement our house view. We then take the needs and objectives of the portfolio or a certain aspect thereof and apply this house view.

Life Insurance and Medical Aid

Through a rigorous FNA process we are able to determine the optimal level of death, disability and dread disease required to best serve your needs. As an independent firm we source best of breed products at the most efficient costs.

Estate and Fiduciary Planning

We serve to assist with your estate planning, ensuring that your legacy is passed on to the next generation in accordance with your wishes.

Monitor Investment Portfolios

We monitor your wealth and investment portfolios and will report back to you on a regular basis as agreed upon. We ensure that the portfolio is performing in line with the desired objectives and when necessary implement switches to ensure that it can benefit from the changing economic environment.

Bespoke Solutions

We offer bespoke solutions and will always endeavour to give you “best advice” based on the information we have at hand.