2021 Strategic Review

On various levels 2020 proved to be a most challenging year for us all. But we are now well into 2021 and still live under the spectre of a Covid world with very little having returned back to normal. In the ordinary course it is prudent to review your estate planning and financial planning, but under current more risky circumstances it’s even more crucial.

At the Activ8 Group we regularly remind our clients to consider the following:

  • Review existing policies and investments: Historical policies and investments, like old cars, need to be upgraded. Times have changed and the new range of solutions on offer are generally far cheaper, more efficient, and transparent. There is no cost to get a second opinion, but the benefits could result in a handsome return.
  • Review risk cover: Living through Covid-19 has brought home to all of us the brevity of life. Have you ensured that you are adequately covered to provide for your family should you no longer be around.
  • Review offshore investment opportunities: The world has become a global village and for the South African investor living and working on the southern tip of Africa, a world of offshore investment opportunity awaits. Global growth has been driven by a number of core themes, tech and the virtual world of work, biotech and healthcare, renewable and clean energy. It is very difficult to get adequate exposure to these themes with only South African listed investments.
  • Review your will: Life happens and what may have been material and relevant 20 or 30 years ago, may have changed in your life. How up to date and relevant is your will and will its execution leave your heirs with peace of mind or a headache?
  • Review tax efficiency: It is said that death and taxes are the only certainties of life! Unnecessary tax leakage can place a severe drain on wealth accumulation. When last have you looked at your current and future tax exposure?
  • Review cost and charges: Costs and charges on your various investment policies and structures can, over time, materially reduce wealth accumulation. Do you know what you all the fees are on your various policies and investment structures?

Activ8 offer potential clients a strategic overview of all these matters with a “no cost” and “no obligation” guarantee. Contact Activ8 at: info@activ8group.co.za and book your strategic review consultation.