Activ8 Foundation

About Activ8 Foundation

Initially established in 2009 as the BJM Charitable Foundation by the Private Client division of the listed entity Barnard Jacobs Mellet. Then transformed into the TomorrowToday Foundation in 2013, subsequent to BJM becoming part of the FirstRand Group. Now relaunched as the Activ8 Foundation.

The Foundation has been the vision and dream, of Tony Barrett who has been the consistent Trustee since the formation of the Foundation in 2009.



To provide relief and assistance to underprivileged people, communities and charitable organisations in South Africa, focussing primarily on education.

Structure & Status

Trustees: Anthony Barrett, Vino Pillay & Desiree Chetty
Approved Public Benefit Organisation: Ref No: 930029986.
SARS Tax Exempt status.
Section 18A status – donations to the foundation are tax deductible.


Able to accept donations from individuals and corporates.
Will provide S18A certificates for all donations received.
This enables the donor to claim a tax deduction in annual tax return.
Designated donations for amounts in excess of R100,000.

Bank account details

Bank: Investec
Branch Code: 580105
Account Type: Current/Cheque
Account Number: 50013179387

For more information about the Activ8 Foundation, please email us –