Corporate Benefits

Our Corporate Benefits

The Group provides independent corporate advisory services and contracted to all the major providers of Umbrella Funds. The Group also has the capability and capacity to provide benefit and asset consulting services to Stand Alone Funds. We strive to provide quality customer service to all employers and funds through the partnerships that we share.

Umbrella Fund Solutions

We understand that employers need to focus on growing their business. Umbrella Fund Solutions provide employers with the flexibility to structure employee retirement and risk benefits, under a single corporate umbrella thereby empowering both staff and employers. This allows employees the peace of mind to live their lives with the knowledge that their financial future is taken care of, and their families are financially protected.

What is an Umbrella Fund?

An Umbrella Fund is a retirement fund which allows multiple unrelated employers to join the fund, compared to a stand-alone fund which is usually set up by a single employer for its employees.

Contributions from various employers and members are pooled into a single Umbrella Fund

Overseen by a Board of Trustees

Umbrella Funds are generally sponsored by large financial institutions, such as Liberty Corporate, to carry out the administration of the fund.

A Board of Trustees looks after employees’ retirement money and acts in the best interest of members.

Why join an Umbrella Fund?

Joining an Umbrella Fund allows employers to focus on running their business

Umbrella Funds allows employers to offer their employees a bundled solution which includes retirement savings administration, as well as risk benefits, all in one convenient, cost-effective package.

Less time is spent on administering and managing a retirement fund

Since Umbrella Funds are managed by a professional Board of Trustees, this can also result in lower regulatory risks for the fund, employers and members.

The cost of running the fund is shared, leaving employees with more retirement savings

Due to the participation of many different employers in an Umbrella Fund, the average cost per member can be reduced and members can benefit from more money going towards their retirement savings.

We are able to provide a fully customisable solution, tailored to you and your employees, where each benefit can be selected from a range of different benefits. Each of the above solutions has been developed to allow employers the flexibility to structure solutions that best meet the unique needs of their employees, by using technology to develop simple, flexible solutions.