Activ8 in Action

With South Africa in lockdown, we may not see you in our offices, or come to your homes, or join you at a coffee shop or restaurant, but rest assured that Activ8 remains open for business.

We are all active, connected and working from our homes. We are ready, willing and available to connect with you through a range of electronic and virtual channels.

We continue to review all portfolios, and in accordance with your stated investment objectives and the mandate given us, are managing the business of managing your wealth.

At this juncture of uncertainty, volatility and alarm, the importance of discipline and maintaining the strategy cannot be underestimated. Minor tactical tweaks may be required, but wholesale changes will certainly not be in the best interest of a portfolio.

At Activ8 we pride ourselves on providing bespoke investment solutions. We have access to structures, products and strategies that meet a variety of client needs and personally tailor these to fit a client’s circumstances. These building block solutions range from cash and money market instruments to structured products with underwritten guarantees for more certain outcomes. And these are offered in both the local and offshore growth driven portfolios.

For those of you that are not fortunate enough to be clients of Activ8 and feel your portfolio needs direction, please engage. We are active through various digital channels by which you can connect with us and we will be more than willing to conduct a review with you.

We urge clients to stay calm as this too shall pass. And most importantly stay in your homes and stay safe.