Direction Determines Destination

One of the most important resolutions you can make this year is to review the direction of your investment portfolio and if necessary, change this direction to something more appropriate. The most consistent theme across Activ8 clients who have had their portfolio with us for some time and have experienced consistent growth through numerous investment scenarios, is that the direction of their investment strategy is matched to their personal financial goals and objectives. This investment strategy incorporates the Activ8 investment philosophy and houseview, and then overlays the unique circumstances of each client’s objectives.

The importance of having a personal investment strategy and plan as opposed to just a potpourri of various investment products cannot be overstated.

What are significant attributes of your investment portfolio?

  • Do you have an investment strategy for your portfolio?
  • Are you confident that your advisor is offering you the optimum solution?
  • Are you aware of your investment returns?
  • Are you aware of what costs you are being charged and to whom these fees are paid?
  • How often do you meet with your advisor?
  • Is your investment portfolio headed in a direction that you understand and are comfortable with?

Direction determines destination, not intention or a fanciful wish or two! No matter how much your intention is to get to Cape Town from Durban, if you travel on the N3, you are going to land up in Johannesburg. In what direction is your investment portfolio headed? No matter how justifiable your intentions are, if there is no strategy or direction to your investment portfolio, it is highly unlikely you will end up at your desired destination.

Speak to an Activ8 advisor and ensure that your investment portfolio has a strategic direction and strategy that is suited your personal goals and objectives.