The Value of Professional Financial Advice



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Take the Guess Work out of the Equation

Guessing is what you do when you play Fantasy League or Superbru. Sure, it may be a calculated guess and sometimes you get the score or combination right, but it is a guess based on the probability of chance. You absolutely cannot afford to do that with the financial future of you and your family.

Provide Knowledge to make Informed Decisions

Stephen Hawking said that the greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge. One can only make informed decisions about wealth and financial matters if it is backed by an encyclopaedia of knowledge, experience and expertise.

Keeping Goals in Sight & Relevant through Regular Reviews

Each family have their unique set of circumstances and goals. Financial Planning advice should apply proven principles aligned with your objective to meet your personal goals.

Take Action: When is it Appropriate & when is it not?

There is time for action and there's time for patience to allow the strategy to play out.
Emotion must be removed from these decisions.

Ensure Advice is Independant, Objective & Transparent

Independence, objectivity and transparency are the cornerstones around which quality advisor practises are built.

Activ8 has a team of experienced and skilled professionals that you can trust with your most important financial decisions. Our team of advisors dedicate time and energy in understanding and perfecting tested investment and financial planning philosophies to ensure that your portfolio achieves its desired outcomes. We blend tested strategy with cutting edge new age thinking to ensure relevance and optimal portfolio performance.

Time is a most precious commodity, so delaying any opportunity to engage with a professional team to enhance and protect your family’s future, will cost you. Engage now with an Activ8 professional to experience the peace of mind of a strategy and financial plan that is personally tailored and suited to you and your family.

What you can expect from an Activ8 Agent

Efficient Generational Transfer of Wealth

An Advisory Roadmap

Peace of Mind

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